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Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked Questions   Can I make alterations to one of your plans?

Absolutely - we'll even alter the plan for you, as part of our design service. You may find a plan that is almost perfect, and only needs a couple of minor changes, or you may need a unique design that blends elements from a number of different plans. Give us your wish list, and we'll create a home that is uniquely yours.

 Frequently Asked Questions   I love your display home, but it's too big - do you have smaller options?
We have both smaller and larger versions of all our homes. Our clients often have very specific ideas about what will work for them, so we usually customise a design after an initial consultation. We can also customise the fittings and fixtures to create your perfect home.
 Frequently Asked Questions   Do you build double storey homes?
We frequently build double storey and split level homes - and sloping sites are no problem! Take a look at some of our recent projects on our blog page, or ask us about a custom solution for your site.
 Frequently Asked Questions   Do you have plans for duplexes and unit developments?
We regularly design and construct both duplexes and unit developments. We don't usually offer 'standard' plans, due to variations in planning requirements between councils. We prefer to undertake a site analysis, and custom design a solution to suit your particular needs. This lets us ensure that all local planning requirements are met, and gives us the opportunity to maximise the potential of your site.
 Frequently Asked Questions   I want a modern, lightweight home. Do you only build brick homes?
We have an increasing number of clients taking advantage of the wide variety of lightweight building materials now available, and the diversity of our homes is surprising. Recent projects include contemporary skillion-roofed retreats, reproduction queenslanders, and lightweight pavilion-style homes.
 Frequently Asked Questions   What are the steps involved in designing my new home?

You've spent hours researching your ideal home, visited countless display homes, and probably now feel completely overwhelmed by the options available. At Gordon Bourke Constructions, we offer an in-house design service to help you create the best possible home for your investment.

Usually, the process involves four basic steps:

1. Initial Consultation and Site Analysis

At our first meeting, we'll be asking lots of questions. What style of house appeals to you? What are the 'essential' features of your new home, and what features would you 'like to have'? How do you want to furnish and use the spaces? Don't forget the space outside the house - how do you want to landscape around the home? Do you need side access for a trailer, caravan or boat?

Usually, our first meeting is conducted on-site, so that our design team can assess site slope, orientation, and existing services and features. This is crucial to developing a solution that takes advantage of the best aspects of your site, and minimises the negative. We also recommend getting a soil test early in the process, so that the foundations can be costed accurately at the quotation stage.

After consideration of all these factors, we may have a 'standard' design that will suit your needs perfectly, or we can customise a design specifically for you. More challenging sites often require a totally unique design solution...and our design team loves a challenge!

2. Preliminary Design

After our first meeting, our design team will research all council requirements pertaining to your development. We'll then develop a preliminary design and produce presentation drawings of our concept. These drawings typically show a site plan, floor plan, and front elevation.

This is your chance to review the design, and make any changes necessary. We suggest you spend some time thinking through the details of your home - will your existing furniture fit where you want it? Do you have enough storage? Is the house sited to allow for a future pool or garden shed? 

Start thinking about the fixtures and finishes you would like in your home. Our standard inclusions are all high quality items, but there might be a specific look you want to achieve that needs a different shape of basin or a particular entry door to really give that wow factor. Just like our designs, our inclusions can also be customised to suit your needs.

3. Developed Design and Quotation

Once the preliminary concept has been accepted, we will cost your plan accurately. Your quotation will accompany a detailed list of inclusions, so you know exactly what will be in your new home. We can amend the drawings and/or inclusions at this stage if necessary, and are happy to work with you to ensure the design suits both your lifestyle and budget. 

If you have quotes from other builders, we strongly recommend you spend time comparing inclusions - you'll notice a lot of items in our inclusions that others often consider to be 'extras'. Is the rainwater tank included as standard? Do overhead cupboards in the kitchen cost extra? Is a dishwasher included? The roofed alfresco on the plan looks great, but do I have to pay extra for it to have a floor slab?

4. Working Drawings and Contract Preparation

Once the quote has been accepted, we will prepare the working drawings, specification and contract documentation. The working drawings are fully detailed plans, containing all the details required for Building Approval, and for construction. The specification is a detailed list of inclusions for your home. Engineering drawings will also be prepared at this stage. 

Once the contract has been signed, your building approval will be lodged, and your new home is under way!


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